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Why Choose BWC Roadside?

Better World Club is an auto club that shares your values. We provide 24/7 emergency roadside assistance in all 50 States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. It doesn’t matter where you are, what car you’re in, or who is doing the driving. If you need help, we will be there for you.

What Sets Better World Club Apart? Welcome to an auto club that shares your values. Same great service as the other guys, we’re just better for the world. We are 100% carbon neutral, we donate 1% of proceeds to the environment, and advocate for sustainable transportation policy.

Plans and Pricing

  • Towing Range    
    Single 15 mile tow can cost an average of $80-$100
  • Additional Family Members    
    Must live in the same household as the primary member. Children living away from home between the age of 16-25 are eligible.
  • Battery Jumpstart    
    The service provider will provide a battery jump start or tow your vehicle if your vehicle will not start due to a dead or weak battery.
  • Flat Tire Change    
  • Lockout Service    
  • Fuel Delivery    
  • Winching    
  • Trip Interruption    
  • Maps    
  • Trip Routing    


+ $0Included with Membership
  • Up to 5 miles
  • $35
  • We Deliver. Member Pays for Fuel.
  • $500 per use / $1000 max
  • 10 Free/Year


+ $35 / year
  • Up to 5 miles
  • $35
  • We Deliver. Member Pays for Fuel.
  • $500 per use / $1000 max
  • 10 Free/Year


+ $65 / year
  • Up to 100 miles
  • $49
  • 2 Free Gallons
  • $750 per use / $1500 max
  • 10 Free/Year
You must be present with the disabled vehicle when a service provider arrives to render service. BWC cannot provide service to unattended vehicles. BWC does NOT provide same day coverage. Coverage begins 3 business days from the time you enroll. You must be a named primary or associate member on an active membership to utilize club benefits. Our program is designed to sustainably assist members whose vehicles are disabled as a result of circumstance. We are not a substitute for proper vehicle maintenance and repair.

BWC vs AAA Comparison

  • Simple Nationwide Pricing    
    Price matching applies to new membership only.
  • Additional Family Members    
    We will match AAA prices on new membership. AAA Household (PLUS) membership cover up to three additional members of your household.
  • One Time Signup Fee    
    Signup fee is nonrefundable. $0 if you are switching from AAA
  • 1% Donated to Environmental Cleanup   
  • Anti-Environmental Lobbying  
  • Hybrid Vehicle Owner Discount    
    10% discount for owners of hybrid vehicles; offer for new members only
  • Gas Guzzler Surcharge    
    20% surcharge for owners of the TEN worst gas-guzzling cars.


  • $49
  • $12

AAA Classic

  • $20-40
  • $10-$20

AAA Plus

  • $20-40
  • $10-$20
AAA is a registered trademark of the American Automobile Association. There are over 80 regional AAA clubs. Each regional AAA club sets its own rates, policies and services. AAA rates on this page do not include promotions or other price discounts.Price ranges and services listed are representative and not necessarily complete. Check with your local AAA club for specific rates, policies and services. AAA Plus is not available in certain regions to new members.

Special Plans

Bicycle Roadside Assistance

Riding to work? Leaving for a long bike trip? BWC is an essential part of your safety kit. Not only is Better World Club the nation's only eco-minded auto club, we also offer the nation’s first and only 24/7 nationwide roadside assistance service for bicycles. We also advocate for the continued expansion of bike lanes and biking as an addition to the American transportation lifestyle. Add bicycle roadside assistance for $15 per year and receive: 30 mile towing, nationwide 24/7 emergency roadside assistance, Flat Tire and Lockout services.

Group Rate Benefits

Get 10-20% off our regular club rates. Discounts offered will vary based on the size of the organization, but the dedication and roadside assistance we provide for both bikes and cars will be the same for your entire staff. Benefits to the company: great way to supplement an employee benefit package, reinforces your commitment to sustainable action, great way to encourage employees to ride their bikes to work, provides the assurance and peace of mind of roadside assistance

Fleet Roadside Assistance

Fleet coverage includes emergency road service that stays with your vehicle, allowing multiple drivers to be protected by the safety and security of Better World Club’s roadside assistance. A Fleet is considered 10 or more company vehicles. Fleet coverage includes: Protection for all company vehicles, Roadside assistance in one call, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, Nationwide coverage (All 50 US States and the District of Columbia), Drivers also covered if they travel into Canada, Variable towing programs starting with 25-mile towing coverage, Jump starts, Gasoline delivery service, Tire changes, Locksmith services, Winching, Competitive pricing.

Worried About Price?


Price isn’t the issue!  There are some 60 AAA regions and Better World Club is less expensive than most of them.  But when we’re not:  WE’LL MATCH THEIR PRICE! That’s right.  Better World Club will match AAA’s regular pricing on those occasions when a membership is less expensive than our own.  We’ll even match some of their specials. Our customer service number is 1-866-238-1137. For AAA price matching, give us a call to enroll over the phone in just minutes. Call us to make the match!

Explore full member handbook and contract

Things You Should Know


  • We use membership dues to employ staff, contract with service providers, market to new members, donate to carbon offset and environmental cleanup, and make a sustainable profit as a company. Period.
  • BWC is NOT part of the Highway Lobby — the conglomerate of automobile, oil, tire, and cement interests that advocates for more and larger road building and against the development of infrastructure and safety protections for other modes of transportation, including mass transit, bicycling, and walking. AAA is part of the Highway Lobby.
  • BWC supports state efforts to regulate automobile emissions as we face the challenges of Climate Change.
  • BWC consistently supports the funding and development of bike lanes. National and Regional AAAs have fought against bike lanes and public transit funding. Changes in AAA suport have been inconsistent.
  • BWC supports the use of highway tax dollars used to fund mass transit development and maintenance.
  • BWC supports a broad enforcement of the Clean Air and Clean Water Acts.
  • BWC Donates 1% of our yearly revenue to environmental cleanup and advocacy. AAA does not.
  • BWC created the first and only nationwide, 24/7 bicycle roadside assistance program. AAA has bicycle roadside assistance only in certain cities and states.
  • BWC maintains a carbon-neutral headquarters and fleet service program. AAA does not.
  • BWC stands against Corporate Personhood. We are a company of individuals, well caffeinated from the finest, sustainably-farmed coffee grounds, roasted locally and delivered by bicycle courier.

Additional Text

With 40,000 service providers, Better World Club provides quality roadside assistance, nationwide, 24 hours a day, and 7 Days a week. We also provide access to hotel and car rental savings, maps, trip routings, and other travel protection benefits. And we don’t compromise your values.

If you breakdown on the highway or get on flat on your way home. We’ve got you covered

Frequently Asked Questions

Which vehicles / RVs are eligible for roadside assistance?

RVs: Recreational Vehicles, Cab over campters, 5th Wheels, Tent Trailers, Recreation Trailers, Camping Trailers, Other trialers no longer than 26ft, Empty horse trailers.

Motorcycles: Motocycles, Scooters 50cc or larger.

Automobiles: All vehicles under 1 ton class, 1 ton(+) Requires RV Coverage.

Bicycles: All foot-powered bikes, Recumbent, Tandem, Unicycle, Cargo (non Commercial) bikes, Electric Bikes.

All other questions

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