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Better World Club | America's Largest Club For Social Responsibility
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Impact Investing Is Good.

But Impact Shopping Can Be Even Better!

Better World Club is the nation’s only green auto club, providing 24/7 nationwide roadside assistance while not a being a member of the highway lobby, inventing the only nationwide roadside service for bicycles and much more.

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Better World Club is now a club for Socially Responsible Consumers.  You’ll have Buying Power!—just by signing up for our eNewsletter!


So, join with tens of thousands of your fellow consumers in Better World Club to change the world.

Responsible investors have power.  But there are millions more consumers putting billions more into the economy! Consumers have the power to change the economy—by shopping responsibly.

Buying Power! will identify the best—and worst—products, as well as campaigns that can influence corporate behavior. There will be discounts on the best products as well.

$150 Off New Phones

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Membership Benefits

24/7 Nationwide Roadside Assistance!

Roadside assistance from a company that shares your values.  Our services are 100% carbon neutral. Member Discounts for your hybrids and electric vehicles.  We invented bicycle roadside assistance! Learn more about our plans and select which one is right for you and your family.

Travel Discounts and Travel Services

Savings, Savings, and more savings. In addition to receiving your socially responsible discounts in the Buying Power newsletter, you can receive exclusive members only discounts from dozens of Better World Club partnerships including incredible travel deals from Last Minute Travel.

Home, Travel, and Auto Insurance Plans

We work hard to insure your socially responsible lifestyle. Don’t drive that much? We’ll help you find a Pay As You Drive plan. Don’t own a car? We offer Non-Owner policies. Traveling soon? We’ve got travel insurance. What about your bike? Be sure to check out our home-owners policy.

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